2018 Rose Parade

Just as the sun comes up at the 2017 Rose Parade



The Rose Parade is a grand and glorious pageant, viewed by an estimated 80 million people around the world. It’s also a small-town parade, with the Queen and Court chosen from local young women and six of the 45 or so floats self-built by local cities and a university. Most of the equestrian units come from the Southwest, but the bands come from all over the world.


Where to get tickets and parking for the 2018 Tournament of Roses Parade

There is no such thing as the Rose BOWL Parade!

Opening Show

2018 Rose Parade exciting opening with music, dancing, planes, Honda float


General Information

Rose Parade trophies get an update for 2018

Bandfest, Equestfest, Decorating Places, Showcase of Floats for 129th Tournament of Roses

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The Floats


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Singpoli American BD ‘Rising Above’ wins Sweepstakes award at 2018 Rose Parade


Celebrity lineup in the 2018 Rose Parade: Rose Queen, Pres. Tibbet, PCC Honor Band

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Conversations in the Rose Parade float barns

Honor a loved one with a memorial rose on a Rose Parade float

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Marching bands in the 2018 Rose Parade

Celebrity lineup in the 2018 Rose Parade: Rose Queen, Pres. Tibbet, PCC Honor Band

Bandfest show schedule for 2018 Rose Parade marching units


Rose Parade 2018 equestrian lineup announced