Royal Court opens Pasadena CVB Visitor Hotline

2018 Royal Court: Princesses Georgia Cervenka, Sydney  Pickering, Julianne Laurenstein. Queen Isabella Marez, Princesses Alexandra Artura, Savannah Bradley, Lauren Buehner.


by Laura Berthold Monteros

In the second of nine events scheduled for Dec. 29, the Tournament of Roses Royal Court opened the phones for the Visitor Hotline. Rose Queen Isabella Marie Marez, the 100th young woman to hold that title, cut the ribbon as the six Royal Princesses, Alexandra Marie Artura, Savannah Rose Bradley, Lauren Elizabeth Buehner, Georgia Jane Cervenka, Julianne Elise Laurenstein and Sydney Grace Pickering, looked on.

The Pasadena Convention and Visitors Bureau operates the service for the last few days of December every year. Information on all Tournament events is at the fingertips of the helpful volunteers. The hotline runs through Jan. 1, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

We asked Queen Isabella how callers reacted when she identified herself on the phone. She smiled, “Sometimes they will be like, ‘Oh! Hi!.’”

“Omigod, I’m talking to a princess!” was the reaction one caller gave Princess Georgia.

Meanwhile, Princess Sydney fielded a call that had her in stitches. “One of our Tournament of Roses friends called and asked about Darth Vader as the Grand Marshal,” she shared.

About half the callers don’t notice how she introduces herself, but one was super excited to talk to a princess, she said. “It’s cool to see people in the community care” about the Court. When a person from Princess Sydney’s hometown of Arcadia phoned, she was very pleased. “It’s a tradition not just for Pasadena,” she said.

Sydney and Georgia ran down the list of events that were scheduled: interview at Tournament House with KTLA before the Visitor Hotline, attending the Live on Green opening ceremonies at the Convention Center, Equestfest, the Lawry’s Beef Bowl for the University of Georgia football team, the President’s reception, and…. Well, it’s a good thing they have the Queen and Court Committee to keep track!

Check out the photos in the gallery below. For more about the 2018 Royal Court, check out the Royal Court page on this website.


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