To all the wonderful folks who have followed my writing

From the time I started writing online with up to the final article I posted my own website, The Rose Examiner, I have appreciated all my readers and always tried to serve them with the stories I wrote. My goal in continuing to write about the Tournament of Roses after closed down was to inform and entertain those who have an interest in America’s New Year Celebration.

Over the past year or two, I came to realize that it is time for me to set aside this wonderful part of my life and return to my first love, creative writing—essays, children’s stories, and short stories. That’s where I excel, where the words seem to fly from my fingers to my keyboard to the virtual document on my screen. I can’t do both; there just isn’t time.

This decision was confirmed in the joy I experienced with a recent writing assignment for a group I’m in. It was based on a picture from The Mysteries of Harris Burdick, a picture book by Chris Van Allsburg. The book is ostensibly a collection of unrelated pencil sketches by a man named Harris Burdick, and without text, the reader is tasked with being storyteller as well. In this instance, I wrote about birds soaring out of the wallpaper in “The Third-Floor Bedroom.” It was a delightful fantasy, if I do say so myself.

While it’s time for me to move on from posting on The Rose Examiner, I will continue to keep up with my Facebook followers on All Things Rose Parade, at least for a while. I truly hope you enjoyed reading my articles and paging through my photos, and that the information was useful. I enjoyed meeting all the wonderful people, in person and online, that I would not have come to know without this work.

Be happy, stay healthy, and remember that life is beautiful, even if the bed of roses has a few thorns.

Laura Berthold Monteros


6 thoughts on “To all the wonderful folks who have followed my writing

  1. You will be missed! You did an exemplary job and really helped bring America’s New Years celebration to life. Thanks for all that you did! And good luck and God bless you!

  2. Laura,
    Always a pleasure following you. Sorry for us that the Parade coverage will not be your focus but fully understand your choice. I look forward to staying a friend on Facebook and hope you will hop on by the Sierra Madre Rose Float Barn when this lockdown is relieved. Best of luck on your journey back to your passion.
    Your friend,
    Kay Sappington

  3. Well Miss Laura I’ve always really enjoyed reading your stuff. As a former tournament of roses volunteer who moved to Oregon quite frankly I have been completely stay in touch by reading your information. As a fellow creative, I understand the need to create new outlets to spice up the creativity and keep it moving. I just to say how grateful I am for all your work and I know there are many others to feel the same way. God bless you on your new journey best wishes, John..

    1. Thank you so much!! I’m glad I was a bridge to your time volunteering with TOR. One of the things that made my decision so difficult was the folks who have enjoyed my articles and benefitted from the information, especially those who I have gotten to know through Facebook. Take care, stay safe John.

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