2018 Royal Court graces PMH open house event: Photo gallery

2018 Rose Princesses Julianne Lauenstein, Lauren Buehner, Georgia Cervenka, Alexandra Artura, Sydney Pickering, and Savannah Bradley at the Pasadena Museum of History Royal Court exhibit.


by Laura Berthold Monteros

Cowboy hat worn by 2011 Rose Queen Drew Washington at Equestfest.

The Tournament of Roses Royal Court visited the Pasadena Museum of History last week to get a glimpse into what women on past Courts wore and collected during their reigns. The “town and gown” displays encompassed formal gowns and Mod hats, a cashmere sweater, sweatshirts, and houndstooth jacket, all manner of accessories, and photos, posters, and other memorabilia. It was a 100-year trip into the world of the women who served as ambassadors for Pasadena and the Tournament.

“The Royals of Pasadena” exhibit, which is open through Feb. 11, 2018, has a dozen display cases and scores of photos of past courts and events on the walls. The items were either donated to the museum or on loan from the Rose Queens and Princesses. Photos of all the gowns and wardrobes are in the gallery below. Be sure to check the 2018 Royal Court page for more articles, and “Crowning the Rose Parade Queens: Photo gallery” for the crowns worn by the Rose Queens.

After the Royal Court had toured the exhibit, we asked if they had a favorite gown. There were subdued giggles, and then, it seemed, mutual agreement. “Princess Blair’s dress” from 2007, they said, because her father Phillip Ramirez is one of the Queen and Court members.The Q&C acts as surrogate parents for the girls on the court, watching over them and getting them where they need to be.


Ad Hoc Consort, an early music ensemble, played tunes from the Renaissance, sprinkled with a few more recent holiday tunes. Instruments include the serpentine, played by leader Bob Fox, and sackbuts, rebecs, recorders, strings, and percussion.

The Pasadena Royals Town & Gown

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