Crowning the Rose Parade Queens: Photo gallery

by Laura Berthold  Monteros

Since the first Rose Queen graced the flower-bedecked float that carried her along the Rose Parade route on Jan. 2, 1905 (the first was a Sunday), there have been different crowns for different eras. Some of the early queens did not have crowns, and wore garlands or hats instead. The Pasadena Museum of History has several on display in its “Royals of Pasadena” exhibit, now through Feb. 11, 2018.

A special crown was created exclusively for the 50th Rose Queen, but the Tournament of Roses tells us that the 100th Rose Queen will continue to wear the Mikimoto pearl crown. A couple of Tournament members, one formerly the chair of the Queen & Court Committee, noted how heavy this crown is. “Did you see how Tori’s head went back?” one asked, recalling Queen Victoria’s coronation last fall. She had to stand very straight to keep it balanced.

Click through the photos for descriptions of each crown, including who wore it. Do you have a favorite? Use the comments to give your opinion. We would also love to hear from Rose Queens about the crowns they wore! Unless otherwise credited, photos are by Joann Wilborn/Marlyn Woo and are copyrighted.

6 thoughts on “Crowning the Rose Parade Queens: Photo gallery

  1. The crown from 1987-1992 was made with rhodium, I was told, because it was much lighter than the preceding crown, which weighed about 5 pounds.

    1. Thanks for the catch! I will edit it right now. Not all these crowns are on display, but the ones that are and the gowns and memorabilia are especially worth seeing.

  2. The Rose Queen crown that was worn in 2011 was made I think because the tournament did not renew their contract with Mikimoto until the 2012 year. The 2011 crown was designed by a couple ( do not remember their name) I have seen it worn a few times by some queens when they made appearances during their reign when the pearl crown was worn cor the parade.

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