Rose Parade Royal Court dazzles at Macy’s fashion show

Rose Queen Victoria sings with the girls from Temple City High School Brighter Side Singers. When she has time, director Matt Byers told us, Tori performs with the group. She has a lovely voice!  All photos copyright 2016 Laura B Monteros


by Laura Berthold Monteros

qc-lbm-fashionIn fashions from casual winter wear to evening dresses, the seven members of the 2017 Tournament of Roses Royal Court dazzled the crowd at Macy’s Pasadena on Dec. 7. Each outfit was chosen to complement the girl’s style and personality, as well as to push the latest line from the department store. Celebrity stylist Daniel Musto was the emcee.

The members of the Royal Court are Rose Queen Victoria Castellanos and Rose Princesses Audrey Cameron, Maya Kawaguchi Khan, Shannon Larsuel, Autumn Lundy, Natalie Petrosian, and Emi Powers. For profiles of each young woman, “Meet the 7 young women on the 2017 Rose Parade Royal Court.” Each girl modeled three outfits. Read the captions in the album below to see which ones were their favorites! We got the opportunity to talk to parents Fred Powers (Princess Emi) and Dori Larsuel (Princess Shannon) after the show. They both were impressed with the personal growth of their daughters in the past two months.

“I’m amazed at how she’s handling this,” Powers said, noting the time commitment of school college applications (Emi would like to go to Syracuse for broadcasting), and the duties of the Court.

“Shannon has wanted to be on the Court since she was 5,” Larsuel said. She shared the suspense of Shannon’s being the last girl to be called at the announcement of the Royal Court. The girls are announced according to height so the balance will be right for photos, and Shannon is tall. Since then, she said, “it’s been an exciting, joyful experience.” Larsuel added that Shannon is trying to balance school, Court activities, and college apps.

“The Tournament is so wonderful,” she said. “They truly treat them like princesses. The training they receive is over and above what the average person would get.” Later, Princess Natalie affirmed Princess Maya’s opinion that the Queen & Court Committee members “are our aunts and uncles.”

Photo: Queen & Court chair Richard De Jesu with Q&C member Carole Swemline. Swemline said there are annual reunions for the Royal Courts.