Rose Parade Royal Court finalists for 2018 announced

Finalists for the 2018 Tournament of Roses Royal Court. Photo c. 2017 LB Monteros


by Laura Berthold Monteros

The 37 finalists for the Rose Parade Royal Court were announced this afternoon at Tournament  House in Pasadena. Nearly 1,000 girls try out for the Court each September. By the end of month, the number has been reduced to three dozen finalists. Any one of those young ladies would be a good ambassador for the Tournament of Roses and the City of Pasadena, but only seven will ride the Queen & Court float along the Rose Parade route on Jan. 1, 2018. One of them will become the 100th Rose Queen.

The Royal Court will be announced on Oct. 2, and the Rose Queen will be crowned on Oct. 18. By the end of their year of service, the girls of the Court will have grown into young women who have been schooled in etiquette, poise, public speaking, how to  professionally apply makeup. They will have new hair styles, a wardrobe by Macy’s and a ball gown by Tadashi Shoji, and a small scholarship. These lessons will last the rest of their lives.

The young ladies in the photo above are

First row, from left: (#131) Ashley Mayo, La Salle High School; (#209) Katherine Beggs, Westridge School; (#699) Alexandra Artura, Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy; (#196) Christine Echevarria, Pasadena High School; (#257) Heidi Silk, Maranatha High School; (#554) Bethany Easton, Mayfield Senior School; (#340) Elizabeth Chang, San Marino High School; (#179) Amalia Christodoulelis, Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy; (#696) Hannah Franco, Mayfield Senior School.

Second row, from left: (#327) Jillian Carmenate, Pasadena High School; (#470) Julianne Lauenstein, La Cañada High School; (#102) Jennifer Wang, Arcadia High School; (#491) Ella Ancheta, Polytechnic School; (#469) Isabella Marez, La Salle High School; (#250) Trinity Moore, Maranatha High School; (#682) Sydney Pickering, Arcadia High School; (#15) Jayasri Krishnakumar, Flintridge Preparatory School; (#242) Siena Giljum, Westridge School.

Third row, from left: (#436) Sarah Johnson, Polytechnic School; (#488) Mia Valencia, Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy; (#579) Jacqueline Gevorgian, La Cañada High School; (#18) Carly Horne, La Cañada High School; (#664) Emma Marcussen, Mayfield Senior School; (#193) Katharine Winschel, Mayfield Senior School; (#587) Mary Harmon, La Salle High School; (#271) Elyse Reed, Pasadena City College.

Top row, from left: (#261) Lauren Dundee, Laurel Springs; (#129) Zobria Brown, Blair High School; (#401) Alina Giapis, Polytechnic School; (#404) Grace Carey, Polytechnic School; (#127) Lauren Buehner, Arcadia High School; (#338) Savannah Bradley, Pasadena High School; (#672) Georgia Cervenka, La Cañada High School; (#421) Elizabeth Shepherd, Polytechnic School; (#430) Lauren Goedde, Polytechnic School; (#621) Madeline Tupy, Mayfield Senior School; (#160) Samantha James, John Marshall Fundamental High School.

The numbers by schools are Arcadia High School, 3; Blair High School, 1; Flintridge Preparatory School, 1; Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy, 3; John Marshall Fundamental High School, 1; La Cañada High School, 4; La Salle High School, 3; Laurel Springs, 1; Maranatha High School, 2; Mayfield Senior School, 5; Pasadena City College, 1; Pasadena High School, 3; San Marino High School, 1; Polytechnic School, 6; Westridge, 2.

Laurel Springs is a new addition to the list; it is a distance-learning (online) school. Polytechinc School has an especially strong showing with 6 young women as finalists. For more on the Royal Court and the selection process, check out the 2018 Royal Court page.