What’s in a nickname? How Pasadena California is known to locals and the world

pasadena-city-logoby Laura Berthold Monteros

The Tournament of Roses Parade is watched in-person by hundreds of thousands, and the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl game are seen on television and over the internet by tens of millions of people around the world. For many, it wouldn’t be New Year’s without America’s New Year Celebration.

The City of Pasadena, incorporated in 1886 by a group of well-to-do folks from the Midwest, has been hosting the Tournament of Roses since 1890.  It was originally a way to show off the lovely climate in Southern California to people suffering through winter snows, and was perhaps as much a real estate venture as a celebration. Its popularity over the decades has caused many to refer to Pasadena as “The City of Roses” or even “Rose City.” Numerous businesses are named “Rose City” this or that—veterinarians, pediatricians, dentists, counselors, contractors, even a laundromat and a high school. But folks who drive around a bit are likely to see more signs with the moniker “Crown City.”

This is because the true City of Roses is Portland, Oregon, which boasts an ideal climate for growing roses and holds its own Rose Festival in June. Pasadena, California, is “The Crown City.”  The name is ubiquitous around town, and yep, Continue reading “What’s in a nickname? How Pasadena California is known to locals and the world”