Photo gallery: Penn State, USC in the 2017 Rose Parade

USC's mascot, Traveler, lopes along the 2017 Rose Parade route while Tommy Trojan gives the USC salute.
Traveler at Rose Parade

by Laura Berthold Monteros

The University of Southern California Trojans may have won the 103rd Rose Bowl Game 52-49 on Jan. 2, but the Penn State Nittany Lions made them work for it. In honor of two great teams, here are photos of the bands and cheerleaders for both in the 128th Tournament of Roses Parade.

Sitting at TV Corner—the place where the Rose Parade route takes a 109 degree turn from going north on Orange Grove to east on Colorado—we got a great look at both bands. The Penn State fans behind us cheered loudly for the band, chanting “We are Penn State.” The band certainly deserved the cheers for the on-point square turn they made, but somehow the chant lacks the fearsome quality of, say, “Fight on!” or “U(dadada) C(dadada) L(dadada) A.” But that’s betraying our provincialism. Still, it did seem the Penn State Continue reading “Photo gallery: Penn State, USC in the 2017 Rose Parade”

USC Trojans prevail over Penn State Nittany Lions in Rose Bowl

trojans-rlm-1by Laura Berthold Monteros

In a game that went back and forth for four quarters, The University of Southern California handed a win to its fans in a 52-49 victory in the 103rd Rose Bowl Game presented by Northwestern Mutual on Jan. 2, 2017. Though Penn State had two big quarters, racking up 28 in the second and 21 in the third, USC was steady throughout with 13, 14, 8, and 17 over the four quarters. We are more Rose Parade than Rose Bowl Game fans over here at The Rose Examiner, so we’ll be posting lots of photos of the Nittany Lions and the Trojans in the next couple days.


And here are the photos of the Rose Parade